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Employee engagement improves business results

Which of these business results would

benefit your business the most?

16% profit increase                                18% productivity increase

                   60% reduction in quality defects

12% customer satisfaction improvement                       37% less absenteeism

                   25% reduction in staff turnover

These business outcomes are available for everyone and yet not everyone chooses to engage. They are the difference between upper and lower quartile levels of engagement. It’s exciting stuff isn’t it, and you are probably wondering in which quartile your business sits.

Cause Related Learning provides engaging, high impact, high emotion learning experiences and challenges that that spark that missing ingredient, leading to real business benefits from improved  communication, motivation and the desire to make a difference. By that we mean developing new ways for your people to challenge their thinking and make real emotional connections with the key issues and business results that matter for your business.

In such a competitive environment employee engagement has never been more important, yet levels of engagement in business remains frighteningly low. Survey findings by Gallop suggest:

                         17% Actively engaged

                         62% Neutral

                         21% Actively disengaged

What does this really mean?

Well, according to Stephen Covey, if your business were a football team two of your players feel emotionally connected to the team and believe they have the resources and support to win. Seven of your team are emotionally detached and are likely to be doing little more than needed to keep their place in the team. The final two players view the team negatively, will undermine your tactics and are as likely to pass to the opposition as they are to their own team.

Oh! In addition, two of the team are also likely to be looking for a transfer (probably not the two you might wish).

Whether you are seeking to develop leadership and management talent, superb customer service, clear concise communication or build stronger teams, we will create a solution that delivers real, measurable results.

Bespoke Solutions

Custom designed employee engagement  and development solutions to challenges and issues specific to you and your business.

Coaching and Mentoring

Working directly with individuals or small teams on real issues and decisions, either face to face or via online services such as Skype.

Socially Responsible Learning

Richard Lock – Managing Director

We have also developed a powerful, socially responsible learning process that generates real world actions and behaviours. We issue learners with a real and significant performance challenge linked to either a charity or community project. The group works together to deliver the challenge. Learning is explored and captured through a series of structured facilitated sessions.

Socially responsible learning – bringing learning to life



Cause Related Learning