5 simple questions to test employee engagement

Linking the recent turmoil in Greece to employee engagement and leadership styles may seem a little far fetched at first. However, it does provide a thought provoking backdrop, albeit an exaggerated one, on how leadership style impacts employee engagement levels. It is very likely that the answers the Greek people gave for these 5 questions were very different when they joined the Eurozone, to the answers they would currently give.

Hopefully, you have not had to resort to using teargas on your people yet, and if you have, something’s gone very wrong, but reflecting on how your people would answer these questions is time well spent. Better still – ask them.

Engaged employees add value to your bottom line

People want to engage. They will constantly assess how engaged they feel (although they may label it differently) by either directly or indirectly asking themselves these simple questions:

 Do I fit?

Nobody likes to be the square peg in the round hole. People turn down job offers when they are not sure if the company is right for them, or their potential new manager made them uncomfortable in some way. Much like Greece, they may believe they fit at first, but things change and events happen. No prizes for guessing the current answer to this question.

 Am I clear on what’s expected of me?

Do I have clear objectives and do I know how my performance is being measured? Are those measures consistent and fair? Do I understand where I fit in the bigger picture? What sort of feedback do I receive on my performance and what opportunities do I get to give feedback to my managers and leaders, or does it feel like rioting is the only option?

 Do I feel supported?

The key word here is ‘feel’.  Not all actions taken by leaders, and claimed as support, are recognised as support by those on the receiving end. Too many leadership decisions are taken from a frame of self interest or self preservation. People tend to see through this very quickly. You may achieve some form of compliance, but are unlikely to have high levels of engagement.

 Do I feel valued?

How easy is it for me to contribute and are those contributions recognised and appreciated?  Am I happy to go the extra mile and proud of my work and the team/company I work for? When I speak, am I listened to?

 Am I inspired?

Do I look forward to going to work and have a spring in my step, excited about projects I am working on or simply keen to do my best each day. Am I constantly coming up with ideas to improve products and services or thinking of other ways to add value?

 Ask yourself these questions. You may be surprised at the answers you get.

Think about the answers people in your team would give. Consider asking them.

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