Cause Related Learning is a people development company founded by Richard Lock.

It’s core purpose is to inspire tangible performance improvement through learning.

Richard is also the founder of www.speakingandpresenting.com

People development made easy

It seems that everyone agrees on the importance of people development. Yet it is increasingly difficult to balance the competing demands of time and cost pressures with the need to invest in ourselves and our teams.

Cause Related Learning aims to provide a range of flexible approaches to learning, whether you are seeking to develop your own personal skill base or building a management development programme for others. That may be through the design and delivery of highly participative workshops or more adventurous team challenges.

It may be that you prefer the flexibility of live online virtual training events for small groups that provide participative learning opportunities through a virtual classroom environment whilst also reducing travel time and cost.

Equally you may prefer a more straight forward online course approach, allowing you or your people to plug into their learning anytime, any place on virtually any device.

Perhaps you prefer the ultimate flexibility of a blended solution, using a range of different learning approaches to best suit your circumstances.

Whatever your requirements, Cause Related Learning aims to make the solutions effective and easy.

The way we work

The way we go about people development is expressed through our values

  • Effective simplicity
    The world can be a complex and fluid place. However, we believe that there is always an important underlying core element that really drives and enables performance in any given situation. Clarify that element and you remove a great deal of unwanted interference, at the same time releasing potential. One of Albert Einstein’s rules of work was to find simplicity out of clutter.
    Simplicity takes courage and application. Simple does not mean easy.
  • Learning and growing
    Learning never stops as nothing stays the same. Learning and adapting are key requirements of performance improvement.
  • Making a difference
    The application of learning is what really matters.
  • Integrity
    A sense of honesty and consistency in regard to the motivation for actions. Integrity enables trust to be built in relationships, and for those relationships to endure.
    Treat people as we like to be treated
    Respect others, accept differences and act responsibly
  • Every little helps
    Rome wasn’t built in a day. Small and consistent action can have a significant cumulative effect. It’s the start that stops most people.
  • Partnership
    Working for mutual interest and benefit for all involved.
  • Fun
    Keeping perspective can sometimes be very difficult. Maintaining a state that means we are open to learn and responsive to new ideas allows a challenging environment to be a positive one.

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Cause Related Learning