Employee Engagement

The Employee Engagement Elephant

Employee engagement is a much talked about subject. The 2014 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey suggests 78% of business leaders rate retention and engagement as urgent or important. As many global economies start to recover from recession and think more about growth it is likely that employee engagement will remain a high profile business [...]

Manager behaviour dramatically impacts employee engagement

We all have a manager, either directly or indirectly. We all have a view of our manager, and they in turn have a view about us. A phrase I use a lot when helping develop managers in all types of business comes to mind; we judge ourselves by our intentions, we judge others by their [...]

Have fun, satisfy customers and make money

Is have fun, satisfy customers and make money the success formula for better employee engagement? Well, according to a recent article from BBC Business one man certainly thinks so. That man is Henry Engelhardt, who is CEO of Admiral - the car insurance business. I have written before about the importance of 'values led leadership'. [...]

Employee Engagement Drivers

Whilst searching for employee engagement information to add to my Scoop It curation site the other day, I came across some really interesting research conducted by Weber Shandwick. It was called Science of Ingagement (science applied to internal engagement) and was an investigation into what types of employees in what types of organisation tends to [...]

Are you building or destroying employee engagement?

Here is a video clip of Dan Ariely, which in his usual way, clearly demonstrates key issues managers need to consider when seeking to engage people. It highlights some of the simple steps managers and leaders can take to develop their style and approach to employee engagement.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aH2Ppjpcho What motivates us to work? Contrary [...]

What next for employee engagement?

This question was posed in the Sunday Telegraph business reporter yesterday (22.09.2013) as part of its employee engagement supplement. I was invited to be one of the expert panel who provided a brief answer to the question - see link It's an interesting question. It seems people generally accept the business case for engagement is [...]

Are you an undercover boss?


Sometimes the simple things can mean so much. We believe that we live in a complex, fast paced business world where technology is driving rapid change and yet I am still surprised by the things we tend to miss - such as the importance of people. I have managed to catch a number of the [...]

Values driven leadership – is it the solution?

A recent story in my local press has reminded me of the importance of values driven leadership. It is yet another story about senior business leaders taking bonuses they believe they are entitled to, despite the seemingly inappropriateness of their actions. It isn't just about the large global corporations that we hear about in the [...]

Managers: Do you help or hinder employee engagement

For several years I have been working on a project to develop a building for a charitable organisation. Raising funds has been challenging in these difficult times, but the good news is - we have made it. We are about to start work. It has been a very small team bringing this together, and it [...]

18 employee engagement tips for managers

High levels of employee engagement have a positive impact on business results. If you are a manager of other people, managing their performance to positively impact business results is your day job.  It seems so obvious, yet so many managers still don't get it. They focus the majority of their efforts on task and process [...]

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