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Online Courses: Learn real world skills online.

Online courses enable you to fit learning new skills around your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether you are a busy working professional trying to build knowledge and skills and develop your career potential or a young student just starting out. Perhaps you are returning to work after a period focused on raising your family, or maybe you simply enjoy learning new skills and concepts as part of your personal development. Whatever your goals, online learning solutions have something to offer you.


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Reap the benefits of online courses.

Convenience Online courses allow you to plan your learning to fit in with a busy schedule. Your expert trainer is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are.
No Travel No need to waste precious time travelling to your learning event. It’s with you all the time.
Save time Time is our most precious commodity and we resent wasting it. The ability to learn at a time that suits you, avoiding the need to travel or have overnight stays leaves you more time to get on with your day job.
Save money Online courses provide a very cost effective learning solution. No travel or accommodation costs, reduced time away from the workplace and no room hire charges provide real cost savings.
Flexibility Learn anywhere, anytime on multiple devices. Revisit your course as often as you like for as long as you like.
Peer support Online courses create learning support communities, making it easy for you to share ideas and discuss issues with fellow students who may have a very different set of experiences.
Expert Trainers Access top quality trainers who are experts in their field.
Engagement Online courses are not passive events. Get involved in discussions, ask questions and input your own ideas. Get involved and really stimulate your learning.
Risk free Courses often come with a 30 day money back guarantee, which means if you feel you have chosen a wrong course for you can be refunded your money and find something more suited to your needs.
Ongoing development Once you have access to a course, you can revisit it at any time. So, when the course is updated you can access and complete the new material.


online coursesHow do online courses work?

The course will clearly state its learning objectives and a clear breakdown of the content provided to meet those objectives.

Typically, you will learning by watching videos, listening to audio and reading supporting articles. You may well be set additional assignments, exercises or challenges as part of the content. You are also likely to have short quizzes and tests along the way to help you check you have understood your learning.

You are able to pose questions to your trainer, or to fellow students, and start discussions on relevant issues. You are also able to discuss issues privately with your trainer if you prefer.

It has been said that three things matter most in online courses: quality of the material covered, engagement of the trainer and interaction among the students. In reality, the same issues that make or break more traditional classroom based sessions.

Online courses provide great learning solutions that can really help the time and cost challenges so many face. An online course may be the sole learning solution, or it may be part of a more blended learning approach.


Check out these latest online course offers

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