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Someone once said ‘the brain is a wonderful thing and works constantly, from the moment you are born, until you stand up and speak in public’. When asked, many people place the fear of public speaking in their top three fears. You only have to attend a meeting or network event where people are asked to introduce themselves to witness this first hand. You might be surprised that the fear of being bored to death in a presentation doesn’t appear in these lists, yet this is an experience many of us have regularly in business meetings.

‘The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place’ – George Bernard Shaw

If you want to:

  • be confident in your ability to present

  • know how to manage and use presentation nerves

  • plan your presentations and your message for impact

  • know how to engage your audience

  • get your key messages received and understood

  • practice your presentation and get tips, advice and feedback

Cause Related Learning are offering

great value guaranteed coaching solutions

for you.

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It doesn’t matter whether you would like help developing your presentation ideas, structuring your presentation ideas, developing your presentation content or help with your confidence and delivery. We are so confident you, or your people, will benefit from our coaching that we will refund your money if you are not completely satisfied. Take a look now.

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Perhaps you would rather work face to face on your presentation ideas with a coach, or have a group of people who would benefit from a workshop that will build their confidence and develop their presentation skills.

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