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Customer service attitude is key

Anyone who spends time passing through airports, or pounding the motorways, knows that travel is not really a precise business. Things can, and do, go wrong and most travellers accept that at times there will be delays.  These times are still extremely frustrating as we are kept from our homes, or further business appointments. So[…]

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What is good customer service?

Like many men of a certain age, I am a member at my local gym. It’s a good place to keep reasonably fit and also an opportunity to reflect on things, such as what is good customer service? Now my gym is very conveniently located for me, just a short 3 minute walk from my[…]

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Customer satisfaction – It’s true: you really can see double digit improvements, and here’s how.

Attitude is the key. That’s it? Is it really that simple?  In essence, yes it is – but as I have said before simple does not mean easy. You may have come across the phrase ‘attitude shapes behaviour’. In other words what you are thinking tends to have a direct impact on your behaviour. Your[…]

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Customer Service: little things really matter

I heard the knock on the door and knew that it had finally arrived: later than I had hoped, but still within the time range promised. I happily signed to accept the package and went off to look at my new toy – a shiny new flat screen TV that my wife and I decided[…]

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What is a customer worth to you?

The start of a New Year causes many people to reassess things that are important to them before making decisions about their priorities and plans for the coming year. Many businesses take the same approach at their year end. ‘What is a customer worth to you’ is a really fundamental question to ask of your[…]

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When is it OK to mislead customers?

Listening to the radio in the car, I heard the presenter say ‘people are very quick to be enraged nowadays’. He was referring to a news story from the BBC apologising for misleading their customers over a sequence shown in the Frozen Planet series.  The programme, mostly shot in the frozen Arctic, contained some wonderful[…]